• Face to face (Medicare rebate available via Mental Health Care Plan from GP)
  • Online (text or video)
  • Telephone
  • Long and short-term therapy

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Training & Consulting

  • Mental Health First Aid and support

  • Drugs and Alcohol expertise

  • Self-care and resilience

  • Online counselling

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  • Health professionals

  • Workplace supervision

  • Online supervision

  • Centre of Supervision

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Workplace / Ministry Support (EAP)

  • Workplace support and counselling

  • Onsite Critical Incident support

  • Manager Assist and workplace training and seminars

  • Training and consulting‭- ‬Mental Health‭, ‬Drugs‭, ‬positive psychology‭.‬

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The Awareness Centre has access to a wide variety of working and health professionals to support all your needs. We are simply a phone call away: 0422955084.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email to discuss your needs further.