• Face to face (Medicare rebate available via Mental Health Care Plan from GP)
  • Online (text or video)
  • Telephone
  • Long and short-term therapy

Face to face counselling is conducted in a private and confidential environment, where every session is confidential. Counselling is for some short term but for others, longer term. It is a process that allows people to talk openly about themselves and are skilled at remaining objective, neutral and nonjudgmental. It will help you recognise unhealthy emotional or behavioural patterns and develop better ones. With these new skills, you will be able to cope better with whatever challenges arise in the future. Dealing with the underlying issues from the past can also be part of this process.

All face to face sessions are eligible for a Medicare rebate under a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. This significantly reduces the costs. If you are unsure about this, please consult your GP and ask about this.

Both online counselling and telephone counselling are methods of counselling support where a person may feel freer to open up without having to travel or see someone face to face to talk through their personal issues.

Online counselling is a safe and effective form of counselling and offers a convenient way for you to access counselling support without needing to travel to appointments. In fact, you can take your time to thoughtfully construct your email at your own convenience – in your own space and time.

Appointments are made similar to face-to-face appointments, where the counsellor will either have their response to you at a particular time or meet you live at that time. Recently many clients have been lauding the benefits of live typing chat. Such client groups involve the hearing impaired for example.

The security of the session is important in online counselling and this is taken seriously.

There are three possible ways of engaging in online counselling:

  1. Email: A carefully thought out and professionally informed therapeutic email response. This is the most popular and affords a person the opportunity and time to slowly sit down or periodically return (in the course of their busy lives or simply at their own leisure) to an email they have thought over during the week. A person is then able to keep their email to re-read it when necessary.
  2. Chat: A ‘live’ typing counselling experience- similarly with an accessible script afterwards to re-read for further help.
  3. Video (very similar to a ‘Skype’ experience) with chat option: apart from being able to see each other live via a quality internet connection and webcam, people have the option to write text via ‘chat’ and share and display different documents to each other. You may simply wish to speak via the video link live to the counsellor.

The Awareness Centre has access to a wide variety of working and health professionals to support all your needs. We are simply a phone call away: 0422955084.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email to discuss your needs further.